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Ola Loa's Product Formulas Are Based on Sound Nutrition Science

Ola Loa products were created to make your life easier and your health better. The effervescent powdered drink mixes provide an easy system to help deliver the nutrition supplements. And while this system isn't unique, our product formulas are.

  • Each packet of our Ola Loa ENERGY, Ola Loa REPAIR, Ola Loa SPORT, or Ola Loa KIDS Multi vitamin products replaces a hand full of vitamin pills.
  • Our delicious blend of nutrients and pineapple enzymes makes our products easy to take every day
  • Our unique product formulas are based on sound nutrition science.


Effective and Efficient Formula Ingredients Provide for Maximized Use Within the Body

Ola Loa's Product Formulas work effectively and efficiently to help your body help itself!

The vitamins in your daily multi do make a difference. In formulating Ola Loa, Dr. Richard Kunin chose its powerful combination of vitamins, minerals and amino acids based on their functional uses in the body and his 40 years of scientific research and experience giving nutrients to his patients. Nowhere else will you find a more strategic and effective collection of nutrients. The Ola Loa formula includes NAC, and Vitamin C (which strengthen antioxidant and immune function), along with six amino acids, CoQ10, and 90 mineral complexes. Ola Loa is the only vitamin formula that provides you with enough TMG to lower homocysteine and raise SAM-e.


Formula Ingredients That Are Safe For Use Within the Body

Nutrients chosen on their ability to help the body help itself, not on the price!

An advocate for safe supplementation and proper nutrition, Dr. Kunin insists on using only the most safe and effective form of nutrients. While its not widely known, not all forms of a vitamin are the same. For example, most vitamin companies use a toxic form of Vitamin B-12 (cyanocobalamin). Having seen dangerous consequences of cyanocobalamin supplementation, Dr. Kunin only recommends the safe, more effective form of B-12(hydroxycobalamin).

One might wonder, why would other vitamin companies use a more toxic form of a vitamin over one that is safe? Sadly, the toxic form is used because it's less expensive! Our goal at Ola Loa is different; we chose our nutrients based on their ability to help the body help itself, not on the price. To us, your health and well being are worth more than larger profits.

Truly, the more you learn about nutrition and self-health care, the more you will appreciate Ola Loa.

All of Ola Loa's products were formulated by Richard Kunin, M.D., a pioneer in Antioxidant Therapy and a bestselling author. In creating Ola Loa, Dr. Kunin utilized his 50 plus years of experience treating patients and athletes with nutrients. You can CLICK HERE to learn more about Dr. Kunin and the science of Nutritional Medicine, and to read a series of articles he has written on various topics.


Ola Loa Advantage chart

Learn more about the three aspects of the Ola Loa Advantage ( Formulation - Convenience - Absorption ) and how they make our multi-vitamin drink mix products superior to other products on the market.