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Aloha! Welcome to OlaLoa.com (formerly DrinkYourVitamins.com), the healthiest spot on the internet for Ola Loa multivitamin drink mixes!

At Ola Loa we are dedicated to enhancing your life by helping you realize your Maximum Health Potential with the most advanced multi vitamin supplement drink mix formulas available for your kids, your energy, your recovery, and your sport activities.

Driven by science not by fads, Ola Loa multi-vitamin drink mix products are formulated by nutrition pioneer Richard Kunin, M.D., one of the founders of Antioxidant Therapy. Fifty years of research has led Dr. Kunin to his breakthrough discovery that Methylation is the key to better health, and goes beyond antioxidants. Ola Loa is the world's only product to provide this critical methylation support.

Feel Good Fast. Drink Ola Loa!


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This is the best vitamin drink on earth. Tastes great and good for you.

David F.