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Ola Loa announces increased discount rate for their "Auto Ship" frequent buyer program

NEWS RELEASE – For Immediate Release

San Francisco, California (August 14, 2016)

Greg Kunin, CEO of Ola Loa Products announced that Ola Loa is now offering a 35 percent discount off of the suggested retail price for those who sign up for the Ola Loa frequent buyer program. Customers who sign up for a monthly or quarterly autoshipment of Ola Loa will receive the discount. 

"Most of our website customers buy Ola Loa every month; and we thought it would be easier if they did not have to call us once a month to re-order." Says Ola Loa CEO Greg Kunin. "We will automatically ship the desired Ola Loa product in the quantities specified by the customer either on the 1st or the 15th of the month. Customers can sign upon line at the Ola Loa Website: or by calling 800.800.9550." added Kunin. Further program details are available on the company website.

Ola Loa LLC, a pioneer and leader in the technology of effervescent vitamins and minerals, was founded by Greg Kunin. Richard A. Kunin, MD serves as Director of Research. Ola Loa is available at numerous retail outlets, health food stores and pharmacies throughout the U.S. In addition, all products are available for purchase on their website at The company provides consumers with samples and supporting literature by calling 800.800.9550.


 Greg Kunin is available for comment by calling 800.800.9550. Full size samples are available to press members upon request. 


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