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H1N1 – Vaccine vs. Vitamins?
Many Debate the Safety and Effectiveness of Vaccines and Seek Natural Alternatives

San Francisco, CA - (November 20, 2009)
During this flu season in particular, there is a large amount of controversy surrounding the H1N1 vaccine. Many doctors and health practitioners as well as influential figures such as talk show host, Bill Maher and musician, Billy Corgan are speaking out vehemently against the H1N1 vaccine as being unsafe

According to Research, the H1N1 Vaccine:
· has never been part of a controlled clinical study demonstrating a decrease in influenza after vaccination.
· contains the preservative Thimerosal which is toxic to the body, especially to unborn and newly born babies. Between 1958-1965 a large study showed that Thimerosal was associated with increased risk for birth defects.

Further, the H1N1 vaccine has not been evaluated for carcinogenic, or mutagenic activity or impairment to fertility.
· there are confirmed Vaccine Adverse Events Reports (VAER’s) that show a certain percentage of the population WILL have a toxic, adverse reaction to the H1N1 vaccine.

Yet with H1N1 still a large heath concern, many consumers are looking for safe and natural ways to remain healthy. Many people are focusing on eating healthy diets and increasing their intake of immune boosting nutrients such as Vitamin A and C, and the minerals Selenium and Zinc. While supplementation is effective, recent research indicates that it is not only the combination and dose of vitamins and minerals taken that is important, but also the form in which they are ingested. In the traditional pill form up to 90 percent of the vitamin and mineral content may be lost once it encounters stomach acid. Because of this, many doctors recommend taking a liquid multi-vitamin as the nutrients absorb almost instantaneously, and certainly more completely.

According to Richard Kunin M.D., who also serves as Director of Research for Ola Loa Products, a leading maker of vitamin supplements, "A possible reason why the flu and other viruses are worse in the winter is due to lack of sunlight in the northern hemisphere and consequent drop in vitamin D, the 'sunshine vitamin'. In fact, there is recently a lot of fanfare about the value of vitamin D in prevention and treatment of flu viruses." Dr. Kunin also believes that taking a colloidal (liquid) vitamin and mineral supplement is the best way to boost your natural immune system in ways that the vaccination could not do. "When your body is fighting an infection, you need more nutrition to stay healthy, and unfortunately it is nearly impossible to achieve through diet alone," said Dr. Kunin. "Situational under nutrition is a primary reason why a beatable infection can turn into a full-blown flu. Getting sunshine and taking a liquid multi-vitamin increases the amount of nutrients that you are able to absorb into your system quickly, which builds a stronger resistance to all forms of the flu."

In using Vitamins to combat the flu, Dr Kunin recommends taking Vitamin C which increases the body’s resistance to infection, Vitamin A which plays a central role in the development of white blood cells, such as lymphocytes, and plays a critical role in the immune response. Additionally, Selenium increases the ability of white blood cells to eradicate an infection. It is also imperative to take a combination of various amino acids, B vitamins, minerals and N-Acetylcysteine, which through methylation, stimulates intracellular glutathione, your body’s most powerful immune booster.

Other recommended natural alternatives include frequent sanitization of hands, getting ample sleep each night, and eating a healthy diet.



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