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Ola Loa SPORT Hydration Drink Chosen as 2009 Burning Man Electrolyte Drink

SAN FRANCISCO—(BUSINESS WIRE) Ola Loa Products, maker of advanced powdered supplement drinks, announced today it is the Electrolyte/Hydration drink provider for the 2009 Burning Man event in Black Rock City, Nevada. The art festival, which can challenge the health and survival instincts of 48,000 burners annually, will be happy to find Ola Loa on the menu at Center Camp. Temperatures can reach up to 115 degrees, so everyone is required to drink fluids at all times. In fact, dehydration can become so severe that "newbies" who fail to adhere to Burning Man survival tactics suffer from migraine headaches, fever, vomiting, and often require hospitalization.

In the Black Rock desert, Ola Loa SPORT Hydration Drink is crucial, as one merely needs to add it to water to become a delicious drink that can be rapidly absorbed by the body. Electrolytes, Vitamin C, Calcium, and amino acids are in the mix, enabling burners to survive on the Playa. This is especially important for bicyclists, since staying hydrated while pumping pedal is a must and bikes are the only means of transport. That is why Center Camp, the gigantic tent that shades thousands of Burners throughout the day, offers Ola Loa as the "Electrolyte" on the menu: to prevent heat stroke and other complications. On this Ola Loa founder Gregory Kunin says: "We are honored to be a part of the Burning Man community and to aid the burners so they can enjoy this mega art festival."

Dr. Richard Kunin M.D., a preventive medicine specialist and founder of antioxidant therapy in San Francisco formulated this all-natural product. Unlike other energy drinks, Ola Loa SPORT uses no fake sweeteners or stimulants. Ola Loa is fast becoming the convenient way to take your vitamins without the waste of plastic bottles. Just mix Ola Loa's single serving packet of all-natural, powdered nutrients with 3-5 oz. of water or juice and you have an effervescent, thirst-quenching drink.

Ola Loa LLC, a pioneer and leader in the technology of powdered vitamins and mineral drinks, was founded by Gregory Kunin. Ola Loa is available nationally at better health food stores. Products may be purchased from the website at For samples and related literature, call 1-800-800-9550.


Contact: Greg Kunin, Ola Loa LLC – 800-800-9550 


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