It tastes great, it doesn't upset my tummy like vitamins do, and it's been warding off colds since I started drinking it...

Gretchen R., California

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The Ola Loa KIDS Multi Vitamin Drink Mix Product Formula

With Ola Loa KIDS multivitamin drink mix, it's easy to give your kids proper nutrition by making it fun. Just add one packet of the delicious Ola Loa vitamin powder to water or their favorite juice. This fizzy drink will tickle their taste buds; and the Cran-raspberry flavor will make them look forward to drinking it everyday. Ola Loa KIDS is doctor formulated, and based upon the most up to date research on pediatric nutrition. Most importantly, you can be sure that your kid is getting the right nutrients in the right amounts.

Ola Loa KIDS contains Vitamins A through K, a full multi-mineral complex, and most importantly TMG, which assists in daily detoxification. Here's a full listing of other product ingredients:


- Vitamin A promotes growth and repair of body tissue, healthy eyes, good night vision and a strong immune system.

- B Vitamins are essential to keep the nervous system in proper working order.

- Vitamin C becomes non-acidic as it complexes with the minerals of Ola Loa. This assures speedy mineral absorption without stomach irritation. Vitamin C performs its miracles as an antioxidant, an antiviral agent and immune booster. Vitamin C helps wounds heal, strengthens blood vessels, builds connective tissue, healthy gums, skin and promotes strong teeth and bones.

- Vitamin D promotes calcium and phosphorus metabolism, aids bone growth and integrity, promotes strong teeth.

- Vitamin E has antioxidant powers that protect cell membranes, essential for red blood cells, aids cellular respiration and protects lung tissue from pollution.

- Vitamin K helps blood clot and is essential for calcium absorption.

- Lipoic Acid has been referred to as a "universal antioxidant" because it's soluble in both water and oil. Due to this quality, it is believed that alpha-lipoic acid can provide the greatest protection against damaging free radicals when compared with other antioxidants.


- Selenium an essential mineral which has anti-viral qualities.

- Potassium is a vital electrolyte, is important in controlling the activity of the heart, muscles, nervous system and just about every cell in the body.

- Sodium is an important mineral found in our bones, in the fluids surrounding our cells and in the cardiovascular system.

- Calcium is an essential mineral for the formation and rebuilding of our bones. It also plays a role in heart function, blood clotting and affects every nerve and muscle cell in the body.

- Magnesium activates more cell enzymes than any other mineral. It is essential for production of ATP, the key to muscle energy.

- Zinc is a cofactor in energy metabolism and essential for normal growth, development and immunity.


- Glycine has many benefits, including aiding in the prevention of low blood sugar.

- Lysine is an essential amino acid. Important for growth, and tissue repair.

- Tri-Methyl-Glycine (Betaine) is an extract from sugar beets, In a broad sense, TMG protects the body from many forms of physical and environmental stress. TMG also increases energy production, sustains muscle energy and is involved in cell regeneration and healing.