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At Ola Loa, we take your privacy seriously. Like most consumers, we hate the fact that companies often sell our personal information to other vendors at a profit. So we made the decision long ago that we would never sell the information of our loyal customers. We do however retain the right to use collected email data to send periodic nutritional information and offers regarding Ola Loa products. We also maintain a secure database of current customer mailing addresses, telephone numbers, and credit card information which we use to facilitate customer purchases. In the event we experience problems processing an order, we retain the right to use this information to contact our customers.

Privacy Contact Information:
If you have any questions, concerns, or comments about our privacy policy, we invite you to contact us by phone at 800-800-9550, or at the address below.

Ola Loa, LLC
1555 Burke Ave, Unit K
San Francisco, CA  94124