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Ola Loa SPORT - the All-Natural Hydrating Sports Drink Mix

Ola Loa SPORT is an all natural thirst-quenching, HYDRATING drink created for people who want to lead healthy, active lives. From golfers to runners, soccer moms to extreme athletes, all benefit from Ola Loa's ELECTROLYTES for ENERGY and STAMINA support. OSMOLYTES, TMG and GLYCINE prevent dehydration and excessive thirst, and VITAMIN C with over 60 MINERAL ASCORBATES and COMPLEXES support detoxification during activity. For an active and healthy life, simply add a packet of any of our delicious Ola Loa SPORT flavors to water, then enjoy.

Ola Loa SPORT, available in three delicious flavors, may be taken as needed—and it's so easy. Just mix one or more packets with water and have it with you all through your active day.


Graphic of a comparison chart showing Ola Loa's superior formulation

Comparing our Ola Loa SPORT product with other popular electrolyte and sport drink products

sports drinks comparison chart

Ola Loa SPORT is the superior products in its class

We have created a PDF chart that compares the ingredients found in Ola Loa SPORT with those found in other popular sport drink and electrolyte products. Review the chart and you'll easily see why all-natural Ola Loa SPORT is the superior product in it's class. In fact, many of the key ingredients in SPORT are not found in other drinks, and some of our competitor's products contain more than 10 times the amount of sugar and no electrolytes—yet they cost nearly four times as much. To access the PDF, click on the chart graphic above.


OLA LOA SPORT Keeps You Healthy and Active All Year Long.


Activities like running, tennis, golf, cycling, hiking, sailing, exercise... even yoga, raise your body temperature but can quickly rob your body of it’s Vitamin C, electrolytes and water — within 20 minutes. Ola Loa SPORT replaces essential nutrients, and rehydrates your cells with osmolytes TMG and GLYCINE. Drinking Ola Loa SPORT during warm weather activities helps to keep you energized, healthy and motivated.


Activities like snow-boarding, ice-skating, hockey, downhill and cross-country skiing stress your body with cold weather, high altitudes and lots of activity. Ola Loa SPORT’s 1000 mg. Vitamin C, ZINC, SELENIUM and COPPER support your energy and immune systems, while Osmolytes TMG and GLYCINE protect your lips, skin and extremities from below freezing temperatures. Drink Ola Loa SPORT everyday during the winter months so you don’t get sick.


Ola Loa SPORT is available in boxes of 30 individual packets.

Have a look here at the Mixed Berry SPORT Supplement Facts, the Mango-Tangerine SPORT Supplement Facts, or the Lemon-Lime SPORT Supplement Facts to view a list of ingredients found in each of those products.

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