Ola Loa ENERGY formula is excellent for my patients and readers who want to take vitamins but can't swallow pills. It contains all the vitamins and antioxidants they need. Ola Loa tastes good and is handy for travel as well.

Hyla Cass, M.D.
Author of 8 Weeks to Vibrant Health

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Ola Loa REPAIR - Bone and Joint Glucosamine Supplement Drink Mix

Ola Loa REPAIR is a great tasting effervescent multi-vitamin powder that provides unparalleled nutrient support for bones, joints, cartilage and the aches and pains of everyday life. REPAIR is recommended for daily bone and joint health, as a general anti-aging vitamin and is a comfort to those concerned about Osteoporosis, Arthritis and regular wear-and-tear on joints. REPAIR can make the difference between going ahead with activities, or giving up in the face of strain and pain.

Whether you are a young athlete wanting to maintain proper joint health and bone strength, or an older person concerned about the effects of age on your body, REPAIR is meant for everybody. Enhanced absorption and convenience make REPAIR the easiest way to get calcium, glucosamine and supportive nutrients for bone and joint health.

The REPAIR Formula includes a unique formula of vitamins and minerals, amino acids, herbs and other nutrients created by Richard Kunin, MD. Drinking Ola Loa REPAIR is the easiest way to get your nutrients.

Tired of vitamins pills? Drink Your Vitamins, and enjoy the Ola Loa feeling

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Graphic of a comparison chart showing Ola Loa REPAIR's superior formulation in comparison to related products by competitors

Ola Loa REPAIR'S Exclusive Formula Includes:


- Vitamin C becomes non-acidic as it complexes with the minerals of Ola Loa. This assures speedy mineral absorption without stomach irritation. Vitamin C performs its miracles as an antioxidant, an antiviral agent and immune booster. It is also involved in synthesis of hormones, e.g. Estrogen, Testosterone, Cortisone, and Adrenalin. Vitamin C is essential to collagen production, the repair protein for the structure of all tissues, and all the while providing extra protection against blood vessel inflammation and damage.
- Vitamin K maximizes calcium use and normalizes blood flow, essential for normal use of calcium in bone repair and prevention of osteoporosis, and strengthens blood vessels.
- Vitamin A-Retinol is essential to healing and repair of all tissues, including production and function of white blood cells, the key to immune power.
- Vitamin D3 is the natural form of Vitamin D which assists the body in delivering calcium and phosphorus.


- Calcium is an essential mineral for the formation and rebuilding of our bones. It also plays a role in heart function, blood clotting and affects every nerve and muscle cell in the body.
- Magnesium activates more cell enzymes than any other mineral. It is essential for production of ATP, the key to muscle energy and heart function.
- Vanadium enhances your body's ability to utilize sugars and carbohydrates, and helps regulate blood glucose.
- Selenium is an essential mineral which has anti-inflammatory and anti-viral qualities.
- Boron is a key to calcium utilization and is involved in regulation of sex hormones.
- Potassium is a vital electrolyte, a partner with magnesium for regulation of activity at all cell membranes.


- Glucosamine is an essential part of the maintenance and repair of bones, joints and cartilage. Regular use often reduces inflammation.
- Taurine is an anti-oxidant that regulates inflammatory response thus reducing tissue damage.
- L-Carnitine is another amine which is essential for cell energy and thus promotes healing and repair.
- Ginger is a natural COX-2 inhibitor which reduces the pain and swelling from inflammation.
- Gotu Kola works synergistically with glucosamine to promote healthy blood circulation and protection of blood vessel lining.
- Bromelain is a digestive enzyme that enhances the absorption of nutrients.
- Calcium Pyruvate improves muscle endurance, cardiac output and ads added protection for liver, pancreas and intestinal cells


- L-Glycine has many benefits, including:

  • It aids in the prevention of low blood sugar, advantageous when you miss a meal or are on a weight loss diet.
  • It combines with Arginine to form Creatine, thus supporting muscle energy.
  • It provides natural defense against toxic chemicals, including salicylates and phenols associated with food sensitivity.
  • It has a calming effect and is a useful antidote for anxiety, irritability, and muscle tension.

- L-Lysine is an essential part of collagen, the major protein that shapes our tissues. It is also the major raw material for the production of carnitine, the key to utilization of fat for energy.

- L-Arginine a conditionally essential amino acid is often very low in the U.S. diet. It is a source of nitric oxide, a blood vessel relaxer, which regulates blood flow, blood pressure, and normal sexual response. It also contributes to immunity and tissue healing and repair.

- TMG (Tri-Methyl Glycine) also called Betaine, is a source of methyl groups for the activation of methionine into SAM-e. The methyl groups can be passed on by SAM-e to support a number of bodily functions:

  • Energy production (Carnitine)
  • Sustained muscle energy (Creatine)
  • Cell regeneration and healing (Polyamines)
  • Antacid/Anti-Histamine effect
  • Brain and Nerve repair (Myelin)
  • Production of Neurotransmitters (Acetylcholine and Epinephrine, which control arousal, mood, emotions and learning)
  • Synthesis of the sleep hormone, Melatonin

Ola Loa REPAIR is available in boxes of 30 individual packets—a full month's supply, as well as in convenient 5-packet Travel Packs.

Have a look at the REPAIR Product Supplemental Facts to view a list of ingredients.

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