Healthy hearts for the holidaysThe holidays are in full swing and with it comes an increase in heart attacks. How could it be during this incredible month of celebration and joy that there could be an increased risk of death to go along with it?

As far as I am concerned it's very simple. Starting with Thanksgiving and continuing through to New Years, we let our hair down and let loose with an incredible amount of good cheer which includes a big increase in the consumption of animal protein which leads to increased homocysteine levels which leads to an increase in heart attack. It's sobering to remember that Chambers & McGregor showed that the average healthy male had a decrease of 85% in blood flow by simply consuming the amount of methionine found in two steaks.

This situation gets worse with the increase in alcohol and sweets during the festive holidays. Older people with elevated homocysteine are at even greater risk. It's not just the effects of tryptophan from the turkey you are feeling, it's the decrease in blood flow and the damage to your cells.

So enjoy the holidays, slow down on the consumption side and remember Ola Loa provides the B6, B12, Folate and most importantly the TMG-Betaine which support healthy homocysteine levels. Ola Loa is also a great way to end a meal and many use it as an alternative to desert. Feel good...Drink Ola Loa