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As customers all over the world discover Ola Ola, the buzz in the media about our products increases. Articles and product reviews are appearing in traditional print media as well as on blogs and other websites. Listed here is a selection of those we are aware of. Please let us know if you are aware of others. Note that web links will open in a new window.


Herbal Pharmacist Dave Foreman recommends Ola Loa Close

In his article on Sports Supplements, Dave recommends Ola Loa for athletes who workout more than 30 minutes per day. "…needs are dramatically increased by the added physical activity. As far as I am concerned, you can throw the RDA away. If you are coming up short on your vitamins and minerals you may be headed down the path of poor health. This depletion of nutrients may also impact your athletic performance. Remember, the most important nutrient to your body is the one you are missing." He goes on to say, "I even recommend a powdered multi OLA LOA for athletic use. This powder easily dissolves in water and is ready for immediate absorption. This is an excellent addition to any pre or post workout supplement program. " READ MORE

Award-winning adventure photographer Jimmy Chin writes in his blog, praising the benefits of Ola Loa for his travel. Close

"Award-winning adventure photographer Jimmy Chin's stunning images have appeared in publications such as National Geographic, Outside and Skiing Magazine. His prolific commercial work for clients such as The North Face, Patagonia, and Timex among others has led him locations around the world in China, Nepal (Mount Everest), Mali, Oman, and throughout the USA." READ MORE

Kat James touts the benefits of Ola Loa in her book The Truth about Beauty: Transform Your Looks and Your Life from the Inside Out. Close

"Ola Loa's powered vitamin drink is the most advanced powder multi, for those who can't swallow pills, featuring methylation-enhancing nutrients rarely found in a multi..." READ MORE

Want to know a one-minute makeover secret that's used by Heidi Klum and Brooke Shields? Close

The Problem: You never remember to take a multivitamin during the day, no matter how hard you try…

The Fix: Try improving your daily nutrition, helping your skin glow and gaining more energy…all by finding easier ways to get your vitamins. READ MORE


Coach Levi offers an in-depth review of the Ola Loa product line. Close

"This past winter, I was getting content with Emergen-C for my powdered multivitamin needs. Now I have found Ola Loa, which is another powdered multivitamin supplement, but it contains more vitamins and minerals, adds amino acids, and cuts way back on the sugar. Sounds like a win-win-win!
Also, just the fact that it’s a liquid vitamin gives me reasons to like it." READ THE REVIEW

Here's a review from the Pink and Posh blog. Close

Nicole Ibarrondo says, "...I’m not a doctor, but since taking Ola Loa I care more about my body and what goes in my mouth than I ever have. [Now] I think about what I’m eating... does it benefit me... or if I need that extra donut. I also have energy. Something I haven’t had in years.
I am an Ola Loa customer for life. For my life." READ THE REVIEW


Jade from Health Miracles reviews Ola Loa SPORT! Close

"When summer is upon us one thing is certain, we need water. I don’t know about you, but water alone just doesn’t quench that thirst... This summer a packet of hydrating vitamin infused powder fizzed into my summer glass of water and quenched the unquenchable thirst. I’m talking about Ola Loa “Sport” a economically priced box of convenient packets you can take on the go, stash in your gym bag or purse and add to your bottled water or glass at home." READ THE REVIEW

Here's an Ola Loa review on Close

"I love, love, love the form that these vitamins come in. I am not a fan of mutli-vitamin pills for a few reasons, the most important being that I always forget to take them (so how useful is that??). These vitamins come in tasty flavored powder form with the addition of amino acids! I never forgot to take these since they made my morning smoothies taste so awesome, it easily became a part of my routine. " READ THE REVIEW

An endorsement of Ola Loa products on Close

"How Loa Can You Go?

To the floor, if you don't have the right energy drink. Pour some East Bay-made Ola Loa powder into your reusable water bottle, head out, and drink up. Available in 30-count boxes made from recycled materials, these vitamin-mixers come in fruity flavors..." READ THE ARTICLE

Holistic dentist, Steven Green DDS has had great success using Ola Loa Products with his patients and mentions the products in his book Rhythm of Repair & Detoxification. Close

Dr. Green writes that Ola Loa "provides electron donors and methylators to restore hydrogen ion potential." He also finds that using Ola Loa relaxes his patients, reduces risk and lets most pain—including headache pain—melt away. Learn more about Dr. Green and his proctice. VISIT HIS WEBSITE

Here's a review by Kristen at "All in a Mom's Life" blog. Close

"Ola Loa is a vitamin drink mix to provide optimal nutritional supplements in an easy and palatable way. It's as simple as adding the contents of the packet into water or juice. Ola Loa comes has different formulas for different needs..." READ THE REVIEW

Trailspace includes Ola Loa SPORT in its review of no sugar sports drinks. Close

"Ola Loa offers an alternative to the ultra-sweet sports drinks with its low-sugar, high-nutrient Ola Loa SPORT. Still an electrolyte formula, this drink contains carbohydrate-metabolizing B-vitamins and 1,000 milligrams of vitamin C." READ THE REVIEW

Here's a review by Nicole at the "Kiddies Corner Deals" blog. Close

"This is the perfect drink for kids because many won't chew the vitamins, gummy vitamins are not good for teeth and liquid vitamins are aweful. Your kids can drink Ola Loa products and not even realize how healthy it is for them." READ THE REVIEW

Here's a review by Samantha at the "As They Grow Up" blog. Close

"I personally could not taste a vitamin taste in this drink at all and considering that other than a cup of coffee in the a.m., I generally just drink water all day. I actually was excited to drink this daily. I know it sounds strange but it's true!" READ THE REVIEW


Mandy from "the Leonards Family Blog" reviews Ola Loa Vitamins. Close

"After a few days of adding the vitamins to my water I was starting to become very attached to the Ola Loa packets. They were easy to take with me to work where I had an ample supply of filtered water, and they dropped right in and easily dissolved giving me a bit of flavor in normally bland water." READ THE REVIEW

Here's a review by Marybeth at the Blogmania blog. Close

"These vitamins are easier to swallow, contain all the same nutrients my normal multi vitamin does ( AND more), and are easily portable as the vitamin mix is in individual packets. I also liked that these were surprisingly "fizzy" like seltzer." READ THE REVIEW

Here's a review from the Deliciously Healthy Everyday blog. Close

"I have a concluding product review for Ola Loa. I've been using it for a while, and you guys have read my reviews thus far. It is quite obvious I'm a fan! I wanted to give you guys a review of the product after having used it for an extended period of time..." READ THE REVIEW

Lou Dawson gives Ola Loa a plug on his Wild Snow skiing blog. Close

"I refreshingly came across sport and vitamin drink company Ola Loa. These guys are an alternative to the ubiquitous Emergen-C that lots of us gulp as regular as coffee. Looked at your Emergen-C label lateley? Turns out that stuff (other than their light and sugar free versions) has grams and grams of sugar, so when you prepare it you’re basically drinking vitamin laced sugar water. Yuk..." READ THE ARTICLE

Ola Loa chosen as Editor's Pick by GlamSpirit. Close

"...In the spirit of trying something new and boosting my energy, I emptied a packet into a glass of cold water and drank away. With less sugar than most supplements, and gentle enough to consume on an empty stomach, I felt energized as I blazed through my work...If you do have the Monday blues, feel a bit lackluster, or just didn’t get enough sleep, Ola Loa is a great way to rejuvenate your body and spirit." READ THE ARTICLE

Here's a family review of Ola Loa products on the Kitchen Stewardship blog. Close

"My son thinks drinking his vitamins is pretty cool. If your child doesn’t like chewing vitamins and you think the gummies are a little too much like candy, this might be a neat option to try." READ THE REVIEW

The Jan-Feb'2009 issue of women's magazine Curve lists Ola Loa in an article discussing various supplement drinks. Close

The comparison lists Ola Loa Energy's Cran-Raspberry flavor, as well as Mango-Tangerine and Lemon flavored SPORT. READ MORE

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