Cran-Raspberry Flavor Ola Loa ENERGY

Cran-Raspberry Flavor Ola Loa ENERGY


Truly the best of the berries—the tartness of cranberries tempered by sweet, ripe raspberries. Ola Loa Cran-Rapsberry ENERGY is so delicious you may forget you're also getting your daily multivitamins. It's our most popular flavor—with only 1 gram of sugar. It's really easy to use too. Simply add the contents of a packet to a half-glass of water, and you're ready to drink your vitamins! Ola Loa’s award-winning ENERGY Multi Vitamin contains 1000 mg of non-acidic Vitamin C; a doctor-formulated B complex; fat soluble vitamins A, D and E; and Vitamin K. Ola Loa ENERGY also provides a daily immune boosting mineral formula with over 70 complexes, plus amino acids and enzymes.

This product is sold in boxes of 30 packets for $38.49, as well as 5-packet Travel Packs for $6.99. Please choose an option from the selector when adding to your shop cart.


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