This section contains brief video interviews with Dr. Richard Kunin in which he discusses various topics related to his work in orthomolecular medicine. Dr. Kunin is the formulator of the Ola Loa product line.

Chronic Fatigue and Methylation E-mail
Wednesday, 19 March 2014 00:00

This video contains excerpts from a 2008 radio interview in which Ola Loa’s Dr. Richard Kunin and Dr. Len Saputo discuss the topic.

Video length: 12:48 

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Antioxidants E-mail
Monday, 24 February 2014 00:00

The medical jargon surrounding the topic of antioxidants has become popular in today's healthcare news, yet the subject is very complicated. In fact, there is so much information available that it's difficult to know what information is dependable in preventing diseases such as heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, and cancer. In this video, Dr. Richard Kunin and Dr. Len Saputo discuss the topic and explain how the process of oxidation functions within the body, the effects that result, how diet can can do only so much to help prevent its damage from inflammation and free radical byproducts—and how Ola Loa products can help.

Video length: 12:41 

Last Updated on Tuesday, 25 February 2014 12:45
Homocysteine & Autism E-mail
Monday, 17 February 2014 00:00

This short video is probably the most important 4 minutes that exists on the topic of autism. It is an excerpt taken from a groundbreaking lecture given by Dr. Richard Kunin to the Autism Research Institute meeting at the DAN! Conference in which he summarizes the significance of homocysteine and methylation in autism. The talk was given in 1999.

Video length:4:09 

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Tuesday, 07 January 2014 00:00

Vitamin A Toxicity

Dr. Richard Kunin, Ola Loa's Director of Research answers a question on Vitamin A toxicity.

Video length: 5:33

Last Updated on Tuesday, 07 January 2014 13:34
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